Mancala Game Rules

Mancala Game Rules What do you need to know about the mancala game rules? You can find a detailed description of the mancala game rules HERE – but this article will give you a little background into where the mancala game rules actually come from. Mancala and it’s associated games are often referred to as […]

Mancala Game Boards – What To Look For

MANCALA GAME BOARDS With such a long history it’s not surprising that Mancala Game Boards come in a host of different styles and sizes. Traditional Mancala Game Boards are made of wood or clay, but modern ones inevitably are constructed of man-made materials such as plastic. So what should you be looking for in a […]

History of Mancala

History of Mancala Although Mancala is considered by some to be the world’s oldest game the history of Mancala, compared to a game like chess for example, is rather sketchy. The reason for this, I believe, is basically cultural. Chess has been played for centuries in a culture with a long written tradition, whereas Mancala […]

Play Mancala Online

Playing board games with other people is very much a social experience. So you might wonder why you should play mancala online against a computer opponent. There are 2 main reasons why. Firstly it is not always possible to find a human opponent, especially with a game like mancala which is not generally well known. […]